// STUDENT WORK / Concept Short Movie

The main character gets his tie stuck in the door.

main character modelsheet

2nd character modelsheet 1/2

2nd character modelsheet 2/2

3d Japanese train (Yamanote Line)

second station 3D ( C4D)

3d preview of a 2nd station. (the action takes place in the tube)

"23 seconds" is a short movie I which, unfortunately, I didn't manage to finish.. This is a 3D view of a japanese tube station.


An short animation movie I couldn’t manage to finish.

Based on a short story written by Osamu Kaneko. A great man who was my professor at Asabi art school Tokyo.

It’s the shortest love story of all times.
The story takes place in the crowded Tokyo tube.
Two strangers will fall in love for 23 seconds.

The settings were made in 3d using C4D.
Characters were hand-drawn.


// 2007 / Student Work